Sensory Concepts, the makers of “Floating Sensory Environment”, will introduce their new innovative Waterbed Music Matress to the Cannes Yachting Festival 2015.

This luxurious mattress has the ability to Relax, Revitalise & Rebalance your body energies!
The waterbed mattress is specially designed to give you a total body experience. In this respect it uses all available senses and therefor will bring you total relaxation and relief.
But the Waterbed Music Mattress delivers much more than relaxation!
Central to the system is the low frequency sound system. This has the technology to deliver a range of frequencies on music. It also includes high-end amplifier active vibration system and surround speakers. The  music vibration system can  also be used with regular mattresses.
The Waterbed Music Mattress will be custom-made in the size which suits your yacht interieur and will be forwarded as a flatpack, with enclosed instructions, to your yacht builder .